Ocean Waves Cake Soap

100% vegan normal skin

See what the waves have brought up on this zesty aquatic themed cake soap. Various toppings, including starfish, sea shells, and dolphins.

Avg. weight: 140g

Ingredients: distilled water, lye, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sustainable palm oil, soybean oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, fragrance, cocoa, mica.

Directions for use: simply rub the soap with wet hands or a sponge and work up a lather, just as you would any normal soap.

Storage: to prolong the life of the soap, place in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight, between use.

Please note: unit price is for ONE cake slice, not the whole cake.
As this soap is handmade, each slice is unique. There will be some variation in the weight and appearance of each slice.

Ocean Waves Cake Soap

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